Welcome to Eye Candy Ink Tattoos.
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Our Studio

Eye Candy Ink Tattoos is a high quality tattoo studio located in Kamloops, BC. We take pride in our client's comfortability and the quality of our artwork and tattoos. Located at 463 Lansdowne Street, we are currently the only tattoo studio in Sahali. Our goal at Eye Candy Ink is to provide a warm, friendly environment while producing custom designs to suit every type of client. We strive to create exceptional tattoos from your own original ideas. Additionally, we have specific aftercare instructions to ensure beautifully healed, gorgeous tattoos. With strict sterilization techniques and single-use only equipment, and the most professional procedures to apply the tattoo, we will make your experience at Eye Candy Ink to be perfect. 



We are currently working on a line of our own merchandise. We plan to come out with hoodies, sweatpants, shirts, tank tops and leggings. Soon we will also have Eye Candy Ink hats and toques. Our line will be available before Christmas time, so check back for updates and previews!


Laser Removal

We hope to offer Laser Tattoo Removal in the near future. This will mostly be in use for the lightening of previous tattoos for cover ups, but it will also be offered for the complete removal of tattoos.